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“Words are, of course, the most powerful
drug used by mankind”


The Accidental PR Consultancy

Born as an idea to make good content accessible to not only large but also SME’s and start-ups, Your Wordsmiths formally took shape as an entity in 2017. The objective was simple – to cater to the needs of a burgeoning breed of dynamic & young start-ups and SME's that were experts in their core space, but lacked the budget, team or knowledge to help them communicate their strengths effectively.

While we started with a clear focus on creating Content – Good, Engaging, Insightful, Compelling content, our storytelling journey eventually grew into an added PR and media consultancy role on demand from many of our clients. They loved the content being created and trusted us with their brand messaging. And given the founders background in media and PR, it seemed like the next logical step to help our clients amplify their brand and product story with strategic PR.

Today Your Wordsmiths offers Copywriting, Content & PR packages that are tailored to cater to the unique needs of established enterprises as well as start-ups & SMEs looking to jumpstart their content marketing journey Despite our young stature, we were fortunate to win the trust of several reputed companies and help them increase their brand reach and recall.

We do not claim to be a full-service public relations agency. Our expertise lies in creating compelling Content. And we offer content-led PR that delivers credible exposure to the brands we work with.

Today, Your Wordsmiths has worked with close to 40 brands and created over 1 million words of compelling content to help communicate their brand story.


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