“If I was down to my last dollar,
I would spend it on PR”.


Cut through the noise

While Public relations (PR) by definition, is the way companies communicate their message to the public and media, today PR and content has adopted an outside-in approach i.e. one that is focused on what interests the customer versus what interests the company. Customers today are wary of the hard sell. They investigate and educate themselves before choosing a brand. Therefore the best way forward, to cut through the brand noise and stand out from the clutter, is developing a consultative approach towards them. This kind of non-promotional PR messaging that focuses on end-user needs, and thus resonates with them, creates a natural pull for the brand and its products.

And in the current phygital environment - comprising physical print as well as proliferating digital media – the pull strategy works wonders to create credible brand visibility.

At Your Wordsmiths, we believe in this pull strategy. By offering a solution or insight into a challenge your target audience is facing, we help you establish yourself as a trusted authority and an expert on a subject.


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